Case study

Decathlon boosted their always-on strategy for back-to-school season

An industry leader, French sporting goods retailer Decathlon has been partnering with Waze for the past several years. Via the Pins ad format on the Waze app, Decathlon communicates its nearby points of sale to consumers on-the-go throughout the year.

Welcoming back-to-school shoppers

During seasonal events, Decathlon supplements its always-on strategy by integrating Takeovers to the mix, reaching drivers with customized messaging and relevant store news. This fall’s dedicated Takeovers campaign was focused on the busy back-to-school season, and ran throughout the month of September 2020. When Decathlon ran the campaign, the team also took the opportunity to measure the specific increase in navigations that resulted directly from adding in this new format.

Tracking the success of Takeovers

To measure the campaign’s impact, Decathlon set up a Geo Experiment study with 13 test stores and 89 control stores. Specifically, they were looking to track any incremental increase in navigation once they added the Takeover ad format to their always-on strategy of Pins.

A powerful combination

Decathlon’s experiment results showed that integrating a Takeover ad format increased store navigations by 28%.

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The Goal

Measure the impact of Takeovers by tracking additional navigations to stores during the back-to-school season.

The Approach

Ran a Geo Experiment study with 13 test stores and 89 control stores, assessing the increase in navigations via Takeovers.

The Results

Takeover ad formats coupled with Pins resulted in a 28% increase in navigations to Decathlon stores.


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